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Twitter is one of the greatest marketing sensations of the online marketing world. It is growing at a marvelous pace and is expected to grow bigger in the future. As a brilliant marketing platform, it benefits the businesses and marketers abundantly. In fact, if used appropriately, it can enhance Customer Relationship Management, increase traffic at

Webinar evolved with “web seminar” is a seminar conducted over the Internet to connect with the broader audience in order to merchandise your business. Webinars are visual presentations followed by Q&A sessions to communicate well with the audiences. By participating in a webinar, the audience gains significant information and build a trust with the presenter

Online Business, also referred to as E-Business, is a process of selling or exchanging goods & services online across the Internet. This exchange can occur between any business group and individuals who are interested to sell their products online. There are mainly four classes of this online trade – Business to Business (B2B), Business to

Internet traffic, which is determined by the number of visitors on your website, has drawn attention of many entrepreneurs lately. Entrepreneurs and marketers consider it to be a money making magnet. Engaging people through social media channels can be quite significant especially for businesses falling short on their promotion budgets. Social media has the potential

Blog is an abbreviated term derived from “Web log”, where a person journals about any topic that interests him. Many entrepreneurs see marketing prospective in having a blog on their website. Blogs are lumped in with a higher visitor engagement than normal websites because of their association with almost all the social media platforms. This

Google Ads is quite a powerful way of driving authorized and appropriate traffic to your website especially when a user is searching or looking out for the type of services or products that your business offers. Google AdWords is an online advertising service which facilitates companies to show their ads on Google search page. Google

E-Mail Marketing is a type of marketing which uses E-mail as the medium of circulating commercial information to the public. Sending messages to newbies and current customers including important details about latest products and offers with respect to merchandising a product is termed as Email Marketing. If implemented with the right strategy, email marketing can

Can you grow your business without building a List? The answer is definitely a NO!!! List Building, as the name suggests, refers to a process of creating lists for email addressee which can be further used as a digital marketing campaign. It is an absolutely amazing way of building fruitful relationship and rapport with customers