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There has been a lot of spam content of the web lately. The truth is that everyone amongst us who are reading this blog or even skipping it, HATES SPAM. The bitter truth is that not only the online consumers but also search engines hate SPAM in all of its infinite forms. The latest updates

The price point of a product matters a lot and the management team considers everything before fixing the price of a product. This includes a segment of the product, ability of a consumer to pay for the products, market condition, competitors and their marketing strategy, the production cost, taxes, and several other important factors. Here

Undoubtedly, Social Media plays a significant role in your company’s marketing campaign. But having a social media presence is not sufficient. Your marketing team needs to identify and leverage its potential to the maximum. And it is always recommended to measure the proportion of how it is being used. Sharing posts regularly and interacting with

An optimized Sales funnel can help you Bank Bigger. Everything in life has a purpose and for a sales funnel, it is to make money above par. It is a path taken by your prospects through your website resulting in a conversion. There would be a good amount of traffic that would drop-in to your

Emails are still too far from being out-dated for Internet Marketing Efforts. Though social media is recent in the game of online marketing, email campaigns haven’t yet lost their hold. Many online marketers are using email and social media marketing together to promote their business and establish their brand recognition. But the fact is that

This is the era of a smart digital world and over 80% of the people today are highly influenced by online reviews. Search Engines, primarily Google has become the first point of contact between a user and a website. And truly speaking e-commerce is unpolished without Reviews.  Getting reviews from customers is a beneficial exercise

Is there something called the perfect blog? But it seems the perfect blog doesn’t exist because “perfect” is a subjective word and depends on several factors. But though we cannot aim for a perfect blog, we can still set some benchmarks for blogging, like the length of a blog post, the frequency of posting, its